About us

PsyPAG is a national organisation for all psychology postgraduates based at UK Institutions. Funded by the Research Board of the British Psychological Society, PsyPAG is run on a voluntary basis by postgraduates for postgraduates.


Its aims are to provide support for postgraduate students in the UK, to act as a vehicle for communication between postgraduates, and to represent postgraduates within the British Psychological Society (BPS). It also fulfills the vital role of bringing together postgraduates from around the country.

What does PsyPAG do?

PsyPAG has no official membership scheme; anyone involved in postgraduate study in psychology at a UK Institution is automatically a member.


PsyPAG is run by an elected committee, which any postgraduate student can be voted on to. Elections are held at the PsyPAG Annual Conference each year.

Conference & Journal

PsyPAG runs an annual workshop and conference and also produces a quarterly journal, which is delivered free of charge to all postgraduate psychology departments in the UK.

Researchers and Clinicians

The elected PsyPAG committee is made up of research postgraduates and practitioners-in-training to represent your interests at each sub-division within the BPS

Student Committees

We also liaise with the Student Members Group of the BPS to raise awareness of postgraduate issues in the undergraduate community.

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PsyPAG maintains a JISCmail list open to ALL psychology postgraduate students and is located here. This list is a fantastic resource for support and advice regarding research methodology, statistics, job opportunities as well as postgraduate events and issues. It can also be used to advertise for participants, provided a maximum of 2 requests are sent.


We recommend that any research using human participants includes the relevant ethical clearance, confidentiality statement etc. PsyPAG only maintains this list and has no affiliation or control over the content distributed in the list. If you wish to unsubscribe, please return to the original subscription page.

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