Ana DaSilva

Hi, I’m Ana!

I started my Doctorate in Forensic Psychology in 2019 at the University of Nottingham. Before that, I have six years of experience working in various Mental Health, Acute, Community and Forensic Settings.

I have a passion for helping people get in the field, as I recognise the lack of personal knowledge and support that I experienced before getting on the Doctorate. I have set up a Twitter account by the name of Aspiring Black Clinicians in Forensic Psychology (@ABC_ForenPsy), a peer-led support group for individuals of Black ethnicity, as well as other ethnic minorities, who are looking to work in Forensic Psychology. It also serves as a safe space and support network for those who are currently in the field. 

As DFP rep, I have had the honour of being asked to participate in the 2020 DFP online conference where other Black trainees and I discussed Racism and Diversity in the field. Soon, we hope to do a lot more events to target and support the minority ethnic population of FP applicants, candidates, and trainees. We also aim to educate, support and openly discuss other factors that affect peoples’ journey towards acquiring an FP qualification to work towards overcoming them.

I hope to connect with trainee FPs as well as qualified FPs. The field is still growing, and connections may seem scarce. However, with adequate networking and increased visibility, we can find out about each other and support one another. I find this to be especially important for those who are looking to find out more about Forensic Psychology as well as how to gain relevant experience towards the professional qualification.

I am more than happy to have people reach out to me and ask more questions regarding the above or anything else that relates to Forensic Psychology. I am also more than happy to receive further suggestions/ideas regarding how to maximise people’s potential to apply for FP.

If I can help, I will most definitely do so! 

Let’s connect!

Twitter: @DocAiko




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