Anna Wiedemann

I am a PhD student at the University of Cambridge interested in the epidemiology of mental illness and in the evaluation of effective interventions at the individual and system level. I am deeply passionate about accelerating the application of evidence from applied health research in new policy and practice.


I am your PsyPAG rep for the BPS Standing Conference Committee (SCC) who organises a range of career-oriented events as well as the BPS annual conference. I have previously been the Chair of the BPS Student Committee where we launched a new seminar series ‘Beyond the Lecture Theatre’ which is also open to postgraduate students. I am particularly keen to ensure that both undergraduate and postgraduate students are properly represented within the SCC which, for instance, includes the promotion of undergraduate and postgraduate-relevant research within the annual conference streams. You can always contact me if you have any questions about the SCC, or questions of any other kind.







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