Arianna Prudenzi

I am Arianna Prudenzi, the PsyPAG representative on the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) and later graduated with a Masters in Psychology (MSc Hons) from La Sapienza University of Rome. I am now a Doctoral Researcher at the School of Psychology, University of Leeds.


My background falls under the framework of occupational health psychology. My current research interests focus on developing, testing and implementing novel Cognitive Behavioural Interventions (CBT) in organisations. In my PhD, I am testing the effectiveness of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy intervention to improve wellbeing and reduce burnout of NHS staff. Also, I am a Teaching Assistant to Level 1 and Level 2 undergraduate students in the School of Psychology and the School of Education, University of Leeds. 


I am a member of the Yorkshire Patient Safety Translational Centre (Workforce Wellbeing and Engagement Theme), the STARlab (Laboratory for Stress and Health Research), and the Health and Social Psychology Research Group at the University of Leeds. Prior to my PhD, I undertook research experiences as a Visiting Scholar or Research Assistant at the School of Psychology, Arizona State University (USA), the School of Psychology, University College Dublin (Ireland), and the Department of Psychology at La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).


If you are interested in supporting the mental health of healthcare professionals or employees during COVID-19 and would like to receive some support on setting up your study, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. I warmly welcome any correspondence regarding this role via email or Twitter @AriannaPrudenzi.



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