Past award winners

Please find information below on past award winners.



Masters Award

Lauren Bussey (Northumbria University)

Her masters dissertation was about “The effects of Rosemary Essential Oil Aroma on Prospective Memory and Mood in a Sample of Healthy Older Adults”.

Rising Researcher Award

Harriet Smith (Nottingham Trent University)

Her PhD is about “Integrated processes in person perception: Matching novel faces and voices”.

DART-P/PsyPAG Teaching Award

Gareth Richards (Cardiff University)

His PhD is about “Caffeinated energy drink use in adolescents and young adults: Associations with mental health, academic performance, and problem behaviour”.


Masters Award

Charlotte Dunkeld, University of Sussex

Advertisements promote material goods and appearance as ways to compensate for emotional and social difficulties, and achieve happiness.  But do children turn to consumerism when they are feeling upset or experiencing stress, and what effect does this have on their overall well-being? My Masters dissertation is the first study to explore relations between media exposure, consumer coping strategies and well-being among pre-adolescent children.

Rising Researcher Award 

Hannah Broadbent, UCL Institute of Education

My PhD research has involved the use of innovative virtual environments to examine large-scale visuospatial cognition in Williams syndrome (WS) and typically developing children.  Through the incorporation of knowledge and techniques from a number of disciplines; including developmental psychology, neuroscience, computer programming, and genetics, this has allowed my research to progress at the forefront of the field.
DART-P/PsyPAG Teaching Award
Gemma Graham, University of Portsmouth
For the past 4 years, I have and continue to be involved in a large range of teaching roles at the University of Portsmouth. I am a practical support tutor to first and second year undergraduates. In this role I teach students about a variety of research methodologies and statistical analyses, at a level that they can understand. I used a mixture of seminar activities to engage the students, particularly with more complex methodologies.