Becky Scott

becky-scottHello! I’m Becky and I’m a part-time PhD student, I am currently in my second year at The University of Huddersfield, where I also completed my undergraduate degree.

I am particularly interested in critical psychological methods, discourse analysis, qualitative methods, mental health and the media. My current research is concerned with UK newspaper representation of people with mental health difficulties who claim benefits. This involves using a Foucauldian discursive analysis in order to deconstruct and interrogate taken-for-granted assumptions and discourses in society, political rhetoric and the media. This will be followed by an exploration of the implications these have for subjectivity and practice in a politically driven way which holds those with power to account.

I am very excited to represent postgraduate students engaged in social psychology and welcome any queries, issues, opinions and suggestions! Feel free to contact me via email ( or you can also find me on Twitter (@BlScott92)