Darel Cookson

Hi Everyone!

I’m Darel and I am the PsyPAG BPS Social Section Representative. I completed my BSc Psychology (hons) at Bangor University and I am currently a first year PhD student at Staffordshire University. My doctoral research centres on understanding belief in conspiracy theories and exploring intervention tools to reduce the potential negative consequences of conspiratorial beliefs. Specifically, I am interested in the social antecedents of conspiracy beliefs and how the perceived beliefs of others influence us.

As the Social Section Representative, I am really eager and interested to understand your thoughts and views as a postgraduate student and to ensure you have support you need throughout your PhD studies and beyond. If you have any suggestions or queries please contact me at darel.cookson@research.staffs.ac.uk or you can tweet me @DarelCookson.

Looking forward to hearing from you and representing your views!