Jo Eaves

I’m Jo, the Cognitive Section representative, and full-time PhD student at Loughborough University.  I previously studied at the University of York (BSc in Psychology), and the University of London (MSc in Occupational Psychology, 2014).
My research focuses on Numerical Cognition and Mathematics education. In particular, I’m looking at the strategies people use to solve arithmetic problems, and whether factors such as working memory, inhibition and shifting skills are important for their use. I’m fascinated by mathematics, and trying to understand why some people are so good at it, while others continue to struggle and battle even as adults.
As the PsyPAG Cognitive Section representative, I’m looking  forward to hearing your views and concerns about all things relating to Cognitive Psychology at the postgraduate level. Any resources, support or training advice you would like, please do send questions to me. I have learnt a lot from my supervisors and research team, and am keen to use and share what I have learnt to help others. Separately, any ideas, views or suggestions you have relating to Cognitive Psychology, and that you would like to express to the wider community, please do let me know.