Lea Martinon

12312503_10207649575695136_780313493_nLéa M. Martinon holds a Masters with Distinction in cognitive psychology from Université de Bourgogne, France. She is currently doing her PhD in the Psychology Department at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Her project focuses on neuro-correlates of mind-wandering in an aging population. Other topics of interests are prospective memory, creativity, mindfulness, and ubiquitous phenomenon like mind-wandering or déjà-vu. Léa currently leads the second year undergraduate Creativity module at Northumbria. As PsyPAG representative of the consciousness and experiential psychology division, she hope to enable fluid transmission and sharing of experience and knowledge between postgraduates. If you have any questions contact her at lea.martinon@northumbria.ac.uk or use twitter @LeaMartinon.