Liam Knox – Welsh Branch Representative

Hi I’m Liam, I moved to Wales in 2011 for my undergraduate degree in Psychology and graduated in July, 2014. After moving back to Kent for the summer, I missed Wales so much I applied and was accepted to do a Health Psychology PhD at Aberystwyth University, and started September the same year. Now in my 4th year, as much as my love for my studies has fluctuated, my love for Wales and its gorgeous countryside has not.

I am delighted to be the Welsh Branch PsyPAG representative and in this role I hope to connect psychology postgraduates throughout the country, to help provide not just research collaborations, but also a supportive social network. Having experienced both homesickness and imposter syndrome at the start of my under- and post-grad studies, I know the importance of self-care and having a strong social network to get you through. Postgraduate research can be very lonely, and I feel more so in Wales due to rurality and the feeling of being disconnected. Therefore, to combat the feeling of isolation, I hope to use innovative methods to connect students, providing meaningful support and let postgrads know they’ll never be alone.