Liam Knox


Hi I’m Liam, I am a health psychology PhD candidate studying at Aberystwyth University. My
research employs mixed methodology to investigate the efficacy of a series of short digital films,
utilising self-determination theory, to improve self-management knowledge and motivation in
people with COPD.

In my current position, I wish to get involved with all postgraduate health psychologists but
especially those who are not following the standard BPS qualification route (i.e. stage 1 and 2), as I
feel that we can do more to include those doing fundamental work even if they are not fully
chartered. I also want to connect postgraduates working in other fields that can be related to health,
and help collaborations and multidisciplinary projects become more of the norm in the area. My last
wish is to help postgrads link with health organisations easily, setting up communication between
the NHS and academia, and facilitate meaningful research for the public’s benefit.