Marta Isibor

Award-winning BSc Hons Psychology graduate from Queen Margaret University (QMU; Edinburgh). Currently undertakes MSc in Research at QMU. Plans to pursue Clinical Psychology. Honorary assistant psychologist at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, engaged in clinical work and schizophrenia research. Two publications as an undergraduate. Awards from QMU, British Psychological Society, Edinburgh University Neurological Society, and mentioned in Evening News. Interested in mental health, particularly body-focused repetitive behaviours such as compulsive skin picking. Joined the PsyPAG Quarterly editing team in July 2017.

“I am extremely happy to have joined PsyPAG and I am looking forward to active involvement in postgraduate psychology advocacy, and particularly work on the PsyPAG Quarterly journal. I cannot wait to engage with your articles, opinions, and comments! New submissions are always invited and please do feel welcome to contact the journal, or myself via email ( or Twitter (@TaffiGB)”.