Nia Coupe

NiaI’m Nia, I am a second year PhD student at The University of Manchester, and I’m the PsyPag representative for Qualitative Methods.

My PhD aims to design and implement an intervention to promote behaviour change in obese and overweight adults living in low socioeconomic areas. Before starting the PhD I worked as a researcher on various mental/physical health trials and studies across The University of Manchester. In 2012 I completed an MPhil, which was a qualitative study nested within a large trial, looking at collaborative care for the management of mild to moderate depression.

My role on the PsyPAG committee is to represent postgraduates who are interested in qualitative methods, increasing networking opportunities and ensuring they are aware of workshops, conferences and events. If you have any ideas or queries you would like to share with me, please get in touch by email: or twitter @NWCoupe