Nicola McGuire

Hello, I’m Nicola! I am a first year PhD student at the University of Glasgow and I am the PsyPAG Psychotherapies Section representative.

My main research interests lie in understanding opportunities for improving psychosocial recovery for people who experience persistent negative symptoms; including difficulties with motivation, experiencing pleasure and expressing emotion, and particularly in reference to social situations. My research to date has focused on individuals with experiences of psychosis, and much of my background until now has been working with
individuals who experience persistent mental health difficulties. I currently volunteer as a counsellor for individuals with experiences of childhood trauma.

Like many postgraduate psychology students I am interested in how psychotherapies can support some individuals to cope with difficult experiences and psychological distress. I am currently researching whether individuals’ abilities to synthesise information about themselves and others (known as metacognition) are important mechanisms in the development and maintenance of individual negative symptoms, and how metacognitively- oriented psychotherapies might improve individuals’ psychosocial recovery. I’m passionate about postgraduate students interested in psychotherapies having an open channel of communication to share our work and support each other. I am committed to ensuring that postgraduate psychologists are made aware of the information, resources, and contacts available to support them in their postgraduate journey. Please share with me your views and ideas via email or twitter: @nicolamcguire_