Oliver Merry

Hi, I’m Oliver. I am about to enter my third year as a PhD researcher in Forensic Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University. My research is focused on child sexual grooming and how Forensic Psychology can aid in the investigation of these offenders. As part of this research I have developed collaborative relationships with UK police forces to gain access to data provide reports to them based on my research findings. My specific interests revolve around aiding police decision making in investigative contexts to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of police practice.

I am honoured to join PsyPAG as the Forensic Psychology divisional rep. I set out two main aims when applying for the post; (i) to improve guidance and training for postgraduate researchers who seek gain access to difficult to attain data, and (ii) to improve well-being support for researchers who are exposed to sensitive and potentially harmful data during their study. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at oliver.merry@shu.ac.uk.