Olly Robertson

Hello everyone! I’m Olly Robertson, your PsyPAG communications officer, and the BPS Standing Conference Committee postgraduate representative. I am a PhD student at Keele University. My research is looking at how and why we use speech in our everyday lives to change the way we feel. Before this, I graduated from my MSc in Language Sciences (specialism in Neuroscience and Communication) from UCL in 2016, and completed my BSc in Psychology with Japanese at the University of Central Lancashire.  My wider research interests include pragmatics, emotion, brain injury, cross-cultural work, and neurolinguistics. If you have any questions, input or issues – or just fancy a chat – please do not hesitate to contact me at CommsOfficer@psyPAG.co.uk. You can also follow me on Twitter @PsychOllygy.

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