We all strive for perfection to some extent. Some might want a perfectly clean house, others a perfectly worded thesis. It’s human to want a little control over something, and to want to be the best at something: to succeed in fulfilling our wishes for perfection. But it’s fallacy. Nothing in this world is perfect. And generally, lots will go wrong. For all the PhDs out there who may feel downtrodden, a failure, and imperfect:
I was elected to represent the Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) for the British Psychological Society (BPS) Welsh Branch in July 2016. I took over from Dr Gareth Richards who at that time had stepped down as representative. Dr Richards was very vocal about how PsyPAG was an incredible community that truly valued its friendly environment and welcoming culture for all postgraduate psychology students. At the time, I could not have envisioned the influence that
‘An extremely unique and positive experience’ This year was my first time attending the PsyPAG annual conference and it was such a memorable and inspiring few days! If, like me, you had been away from academia for a while and you have now begun a postgraduate course, I urge you to attend the next PsyPAG conference and become involved, as, for me, it was an extremely unique and positive experience. The conference was also particularly