PsyPAG Committee


We have a total of 40 members in our committee, studying a variety of different psychology courses from a range of institutions. Our member profiles are located below and if you are interested in applying for any vacant positions, please contact our vice-chair at

Core Committee

Chair - Emma Norris Chair - Ryc Aquino
Information Officer - Claire Wilson - Kate Williams Officer - Catherine Talbot

Quarterly Editorial Team –¬†

Jimmy Couzens
Ryc Aquino Whitelock
Celine Chhoa

Division Representatives

Division of Clinical Psychology
Tom Merrill
Division of Counselling Psychology

Division of Developmental and Educational Child Psychology
Division for Academic, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology
Charlotte Taylor
Division of Forensic Psychology
Andrew Duggan
Division of Health Psychology
Alison Middleton
Division of Neuropsychology
Athina Tripli
Division of Occupational Psychology
Aleksandra Tsvetanova
Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Sean Figgins

Section Representatives

Cognitive Psychology Section
Jemaine Stacey
Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section
Lea Martinon
Developmental Psychology Section
Athina Tripli
History and Philosophy of Psychology Section
Becky Scott
Naomi Pierce
Psychology of Sexualities Section
Naomi Pierce
Mathematical, Statistical and Computing Section
Fiona Lerigo
Psychobiology Section
Tim Eschle
Psychology of Education Section
Joseph McCann
Roxanne Armstrongbecky-scott
Psychology of Women Section
Rose Lobban
Psychotherapy Section
Roxanne Armstrong-Moore
Qualitative Methods Section
Nia Coupe
Social Psychology Section
Becky Scott
Transpersonal Psychology Section
Paul Sharpe
Special Group in Coaching Psychology Section
Edward Walker
Community Psychology Section
Liam Knox
Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section
Danielle Hett

Branch Representatives

Roxanne Armstrong
North East of England Branch
Roxanne Armstrong-Moore
North West of England Branch
John Shaw
Northern Ireland Branch
Blain Murphy
Scottish Branch
Kirsten Russell
South West of England Branch
Catherine Talbot
Welsh Branch
Michael Evans
Wessex Branch
Darren Britton
West Midlands Branch
Robert Blakey
London and Home Counties Branch
Natalie Gentry
East Midlands Branch
Robert Davies
East of England Branch

Additional Committee Members

Ethics Representative
Sarah Allen
Research Board Representative
Emma Norris
Conference Standing Committee
Kerry McKellar
Undergraduate Liaison Officer
Holly Walton