Rachel Nesbit

Hi, I’m Rachel and I am the PsyPAG BPS Developmental Section Representative. I am a final year PhD researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London. My current research examines how socio-emotional factors (e.g., social anxiety and depression) and lateralisation for emotion processing might influence the ability to recognise facial emotions in adolescence. I use a variety of behavioural methods in my research, primarily working in schools. My current research is using eye-tracking to examine attentional and interpretive biases in facial recognition in individuals with varying levels of social anxiety.

As the PsyPAG Developmental Section representative, I am very excited to understand your views and concerns and to ensure you have the correct resources, support and training available for you as a Developmental Psychologist, both throughout your PhD and in the transition post PhD into further academic positions.

You can contact me on Rachel.Nesbit.2012@live.rhul.ac.uk or tweet me @rachelnesbit