Sarah Allen

sarah(3)-3 copy I am in my second year of a PhD in Health Psychology at Northumbria University. My programme of research is examining the psychophysiological and behavioural mechanisms underpinning the link between Type D (distressed) personality and increased physical health complaints, with a particular focus on the role of cardiovascular stress reactivity and immune activation.

Prior to starting my PhD I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Northumbria University, and after working abroad for a few years I returned to Northumbria in 2013 to complete an MSc in Health Psychology.

As PsyPAG Ethics board representative my main aim will be to liaise with the BPS ethics board in order to provide up-to-date resources, guidelines and information to postgraduates to help make the ethics governance processes easier to understand and implement. If you have any suggestions or queries please feel free to get in touch: