Sarah Docherty

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am the PsyPAG BPS Psychobiology Section Rep. I am currently a second year PhD student at Northumbria University, Newcastle. My doctoral research focusses on improving markers of stress and everyday function using a multinutrient supplement in adults aged 70 and over. This includes researching psychological and biological responses to acute stress, measuring blood biomarkers of health and nutrition status and assessing mobility using a range of tests. Prior to this, I completed my BSc Psychology (hons) and then MRes Psychology at Northumbria University, where I gained experience as a research assistant in a range of nutritional intervention studies.

I look forward to representing your thoughts and views as a postgraduate student in the field of Psychobiology. Please feel free to contact me on, follow me on Twitter @Sarah_Docherty1 or my Facebook research page @HealthyAgeingResearchNU



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