Simon Ashe

Hi, I’m Simon and I am a PhD student studying at Sheffield Hallam University and also a Trainee Health Psychologist.

My current doctoral research is concerned with online methods of communication at the end-of-life and during bereavement and how these are influencing behaviour and the well-being of users. I am also a member of a research team @sheffhallamuni investigating living with and being treated for fibromyalgia.

I am a passionate critical, qualitative researcher who is usually focussing on phenomenology however I also have experience of quantitative methods as well.

My research generally raises some complex ethical considerations and I believe understanding the relevant and current ethical guidelines are crucial to not only protect you and your participants throughout your project but also to produce the best possible research.

NHS and university ethical processes can sometimes feel a little daunting so contact me if you need some practical advice or just need to moan!  I am on the Twitter (@simon_ashe) and please feel free to contact me by email (