Stephanie-Roxanne Blanco

Hello! I’m Steph, a PhD student in Neuropsychology at Nottingham Trent University. My specialisms include hidden illnesses, neuroimaging (especially EEG) and phlebotomy.

I’ve previously worked on projects exploring mental health, Schizotypy, nutrition and brain function. My biggest passion in research is Functional Neurological Disorder (FND); my current research aims to understand the neurobiology of FND and the condition’s relationship with inflammation, brain function, cognitive deficits and psychological traits.

In addition to my PhD I am an associate lecturer at NTU, trustee at FND Dimensions, Member of the International Society for FND and Research Assistant (my most recent role was for the C19 Foresight Working Group).

I’m very excited to have been elected as the Division of Neuropsychology Representative for PsyPAG. Please feel free to get in touch for support, guidance, general chit chat or on issues you’d like raised via email: or on Twitter: @S_R_Blanco



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