Tanya Schrader

I am a PhD student at Staffordshire University studying the dark side of conspiracy theories.  The aim of my research is to demonstrate how conspiracy theories about groups may play a role in influencing aggression against the members of those groups.  In addition, I am part of a collaboration investigating the effects of feminist conspiracy theories on sexism and prejudice towards women.

I have been at Staffs Uni since the foundation year of my undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology.  During this time, I have been part of the student ambassador team and work as a psychology student advocate advising prospective students at undergraduate and postgraduate open events.  This has afforded me insight into the views, expectations and challenges faced by students, including barriers they may face while studying.  As a mature student with a family, I have been able to share my experiences and offer practical advice and reassurance that that there are no barriers to university education which cannot be overcome with the appropriate support.

Feel free to contact me at tanya.schrader@research.staffs.ac.uk or Tweet me @Tanya_Schrader



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