Instructions to Authors

Small Quarterly



Article Types

The Q publishes a wide range of articles that contribute to an understanding of psychology. Submissions may correspond to the following article types:

  • Feature Articles and Discussion Papers: Articles may cover a wide range of topics. Articles may describe a piece of original research; provide an overview of a theory, area of issue.
  • Research in Brief: A short report of original research, often preliminary findings.
  • Big Interviews: An interview with anyone connected with Psychology, usually written in a question and answer format.
  • Reflective: Reflective pieces may observe events, human interactions and perspectives in the field of Psychology. We also welcome reflections on teaching practices.
  • Conference Reviews: Provide an overview of a conference, outlining the main themes of the conference.
  • Departmental Reviews: An overview of a department as well as research interests of the postgraduates.
  • Book and Software Reviews: A review of books or software relevant to psychologists.
  • Hints and Tips: Hints and tips that will be useful to postgraduates. For example, how to apply for funding; how to conduct systematic literature reviews or meta-analyses; statistical techniques.
  • Postgraduate Research in Brief: This is a reference list of research that has recently been published by postgraduates within a particular area or department.
  • Guest Author: Articles written by those with a PhD and that would be of interest to psychology postgraduates. This can be any one of the other types of articles we accept e.g. hints & tips, discussion paper etc.


Article Preparation:

  1. Articles should be between 500-2000 words excluding references. Typically, discussion papers and longer interviews will require the maximum word limit whereas conference and book reviews will be shorter. Authors wishing to exceed this limit should contact the editors before manuscript submission with a request and justification for a greater manuscript length.
  2. From August 2015, an abstract is required with a maximum word limit of 100 words.
  3. Articles should have a maximum of 15 references. Articles that do not adhere to these guidelines will be sent back to the author.
  4. Please state in your submission e-mail if your manuscript is attached to a PsyPAG bursary.


Formatting Requirements:

  1. Please submit all articles in Microsoft Word (or Open Office for Mac, etc.).
  1. You should use the running head (i.e., an informative shortened version of your title) as the file name, for example EpisodicMemoryConsolidation.doc.
  1. The content, including tables, figures and references should all comply with BPS house style. Detailed information is provided here.
  1. Articles should be double spaced, in a font size of 12.
  1. Single spaces should be used to begin a new sentence.
  1. You should also include your contact details (authors name, affiliation and e-mail address) at the end of each article in the format of:



When submitting an article, please ensure you include the following details:

  • Name
  • Role, Department, University
  • E-mail address



To submit an article, please send as an email attachment to:

If you have any further questions, please contact the editors at or via Twitter @PsyPAGQuarterly